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About Mass Credit LLC

Our program is designed to get you the vehicle you need and get you back on firm financial footing.
Our short term loans are designed to re-establish your credit faster. We work to establish, rebuild and refresh your credit.

Hassle Free Buying!
  • We Finance All Makes & Models
  • Huge Selection & Flexible Terms
  • Personalized - Needs Based Plans
  • First Time Buyers Programs
We Work with You:

Divorce - Foreclosure - Repossession - Bankruptcy
Regardless of your current situation, we will help you acquire the credit and the vehicle you need.
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Mass Credit Advantage
High Quality Cars:

All our vehicles are of only the highest quality to ensure trouble free service. Other smaller used car dealers put out cheaper vehicles full of issues that end up costing you more in the long run due to repairs that come up and time lost. All cars that we offer are checked and rechecked for any safety and mechanical issues so you have a hassle free vehicle that will last.

Hassle Free Buying:

While other smaller used car companies will make you go to the registry to register your car on your own, we will do it for you in house and save you the time and hassle. Other dealers also require you to pay the sales tax and registration fees out of pocket at the registry leaving you high and dry. We take care of all that here in house for your convenience.

We Work With You:

Unlike other less flexible small time operations, we work with you to help get you the vehicle that is best for you. We won’t put you in a vehicle you can’t afford or is not a good fit. With a wide selection of vehicles and flexible loan terms, we always have your best interest at heart and look to provide you with the best and most convenient buying experience possible.