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About Mass Credit LLC

Mass Credit LLC came about when an opportunity was seen to help those who no one else would.

An opportunity not just for a business, but to better the lives of those in the community as well. As the big banks were all tightening their guidelines after the mortgage crises of 2008, it became harder and harder to get people approved for auto loans, and many people in the community were unable to get a into a vehicle! People who, before the bank crackdown, could have easily gotten into a car, were now unable to and were stuck without transportation!
An opportunity was seen to thusly get people into cars, who otherwise would be unable to, and improve their credit so down the road they could qualify for even better loans in the future. Mass Credit knows that if there are enough grateful customers, they will refer their friends who will then be able to get into cars of their own, and refer more friends. That is why we have our referral program! Our goal has always been to provide our borrowers with quality transportation while rebuilding their credit for the future.

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